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Rebs Beers

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



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October 2023

Rebs Beers graduated from The University of North Texas with a BFA in Communication Design and a minor in Art History in 2022. Before joining WRA Architects, they worked as a Graphic Designer for UNT and later pursued freelance design projects, working with clients such as Keller ISD, Walsworth Publishing, UNT, and KISS Cosmetics. They are now excited to bring their skills to the WRA marketing team to help create engaging print and experiential design pieces.

Ask me about

Ask me about my extensive collection of $5 seasonal fabric bird decor.

My super power is

My superpower is my curiosity. I discovered in high school that I was far more motivated to learn when it was self guided and about something I was deeply interested in. I spend a lot of time going down strange YouTube rabbit holes, but I have found that I have a passion for learning about hyper-specific subjects and finding ways to apply this knowledge in my personal life or through interesting avenues of design that I may not have considered before.

I'm looking for

I’m looking for connections with other industry professionals and new chances to gain experience in the world of experiential design.

What I love about experience design

My love for design stems from a combination of artistic appreciation, the satisfaction of creative problem-solving, and the joy of collaborative teamwork. Drawing and painting are my favorite ways to express myself, but I love being able to pull from different mediums and fields of design to create something truly unique that can have an impact on anyone who sees it.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

The best advice I have ever been given was by my former boss and current dear friend who told me that not everything needs to be done right away. It’s okay to take the scenic route or spend time taking care of yourself because life isn’t a race and there’s no point in pushing yourself 24/7 if it means you’ll burn out and resent what used to bring you joy.

Where I find Inspiration

I find inspiration in the work of my friends and fellow designers, as well as by exposing myself to different kinds of artwork that I wouldn’t normally interact with.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Placemaking, Public Installation, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Digital, Equitable Design, Graphic, Interactive, Signage


Corporate, Education, Workplace