Rebecca Tyke



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January 2006

Rebecca Tyke is Entrepreneur, Inventor, Demand Creator, Health Seeker and Passionate Being. Given the gift of being raised in a solution driven environment, Rebecca learned from an early age her responsibility to contribute. She worked in the family business since 1978 bringing products to market for 2/90 Sign Systems and before that as a toy tester and model for Little Tike Toys, her father’s brainchild and namesake. She continues to solve her health issues by making better choices since her bout with cancer in 2006. And by listening, she was given the opportunity to help others and share her gifts.
As Marketing Director, Rebecca Tyke says the best part of her job is improving the sales experience by providing solutions to meet the needs of our clients. She focuses on exceeding our client expectations every day, and loves to hear customers say, “That was easy!”
Along with 2/90 Sign Systems, Rebecca Tyke is President of iSleep Systems, a company that is about making sleep a conscious part of healthy living. She is also the President of 3StepArt, a unique collection of dimensional paintings custom-made to fit their environment in three easy steps: design, color and size. View more of Rebecca’s work at 2/90 Sign Systems. Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn.