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Mindy Ascosi



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September 2021

Mindy is the Creative Director at Design & Integration (DI) in Baltimore, Maryland.
She is a creative problem solver with over 15 years experience in branding, print and digital design, video production, and project management. Mindy has a successful track record of leading her diverse team of illustrators, multimedia designers, and programmers to award-winning designs that are produced for unique display forms. She loves collaborating with artists, colleagues and clients to develop new ideas that deliver powerful results. Mindy has provided specialized solutions for an array of markets such as corporate, government, higher education, healthcare, and museums. Always eager to volunteer, Mindy enjoys bringing people together, building relationships and giving back to her community. Mindy has a degree in Graphic Communications from Millersville University. For the past 25 years, Design & Integration (DI) has provided advanced technology solutions for diverse environments. We are known best for our turnkey systems, creative solutions and quality installations. DI’s team of professionals is responsible for the concept, design, technological development and the creative content for many clients including University of Maryland, Morgan State University, Johns Hopkins University, The Ronald Reagan Institute, Baltimore Museum of Art, U.S. Department of State, Social Security Administration, and many more. We are focused on delivering purpose-driven, customer-focused solutions that bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and art.
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Branded Environments, Digital Experiences

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Brand, Digital, Graphic, Interactive, Signage


Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Museums, Visitor Centers