Markus Scheiber



Member Since

July 2009

Markus Scheiber is the Creative Director at motasdesign in Austria.
Markus Scheiber believes that identity emerges out of continuity, consistency, repetition, something that holds for a long time. Identity in itself thus enables orientation in a world of constant change.
motasdesign deals with the question of how people move in urban space, natural space and in buildings. motasdesign analyzes the information people are looking for and what media they use to find their way around and to get in touch with their environment. They provide holistic advice & design. Signs are not enough. Their designs provide a holistic means for people to access numerous sources of information to orient themselves – signage, architecture, landmarks, mobile, online, print. motasdesign works on the basis of current scientific findings and an interdisciplinary collaboration with specialists to combine these sources of information into a coherent whole. motasdesign have time and cost efficient planning. It is not uncommon for them to use thousands of individual measuring points. They believe that well-founded planning saves time and money and ensures long-term functioning during operation and that an appreciation of location and building in design is important. motasdesign understands that each site has a distinctive character and a story that can be told and that the orientation system is part of the perceived location brand.
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