Leslie Riibe



Member Since

March 2018

Associate Leslie Riibe is a Senior Graphic Designer at Weber Thompson, a vital member of WT’s mighty marketing team. She is the designer and gatekeeper of Weber Thompson’s brand assets and consults with project teams on building signage. Leslie has contributed to environmental graphics for a number of WT projects including Ascent, Marlowe, Watershed, and Northlake Commons. She is also a type enthusiast who offers workshops to colleagues on typographic history and best practices. Leslie is an active member of her Toastmasters group and a lifelong learner. In 2017 Leslie added a certificate in User-Centered Design from the University of Washington to her educational experience.
Volunteer Activities
Leslie frequently contributes her design talents to non-profits, including the Seattle Architecture Foundation, Passive House Northwest, Lambert House and the AIA Diversity Roundtable.
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