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October 2005

Koble Delmer is currently a Senior Designer at Ashton Design with eight years of professional experience. Koble specializes in brand strategy, identity, exhibition, and environmental design, but no matter the project, her favorite part of the process is always the “big idea phase.” She was hooked early while studying at The Art Institute of Chicago, a school known for its strong emphasis on conceptual thinking. After graduating with a BFA in Visual Communications, she then went on to work at agencies in London (Forever Beta), New York (C&G Partners and Cosmopolitan Magazine), and Atlanta (Gensler and House of Current) before joining the team at Ashton Design, where she has been responsible for designing a number of experiential brand elements and identities for a diverse roster of clients.
Her multidisciplinary approach allows her to successfully navigate a wide range of mediums and client types. Koble believes that the key to success in any project is having a strong foundation of strategy and purpose to inform each design decision, which has allowed her to effectively complete projects ranging from large-scale sculptures and exhibitions to logos, websites, and business cards. She is passionate about telling an impactful story through her designs that will influence the world around her in a positive way.
Outside of the office, Koble is inspired by art, travel, and hospitality (read: food!). She believes that experiencing the world makes you both a better person and a better designer, so much so that she is currently living nomadically and traveling through Europe. She has been busy taking photos of street signs in France, museums in the UK, and menus in Portugal, and is excited to see how this influences her design practices in the future.
Connect with Koble Delmer on LinkedIn. View her portfolio at http://www.kobledelmer.com

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Branded Environments, Exhibition, Placemaking, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

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Brand, Destination Experiences, Exhibition, Graphic


Cultural, Education, Museums, Urban + Civic, Workplace