Keegan Riley



Member Since

July 2022

Environmental Graphic Designer at Kolar Design
After graduating with his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, Keegan began his creative career in architecture in 2014, but quickly learned he wanted something a little different from the design world. After stumbling upon the unique, niche industry of branded and environmental graphic design, he knew it was the perfect intersection of “spatial” and “visual” in which he could flourish.
As someone who thrives on logic, Keegan is passionate about creating simple and elegant design solutions rooted in reason and strategic insight. At this point in his developing career, he is still happily absorbing learnings on a daily basis – and by using his technical skills from an architectural education and his enthusiasm for purposeful visual communication, Keegan strives to understand, conquer, and influence the world of signage around us.
Since his time at Kolar, Keegan has been a part of a wide variety of projects and initiatives including healthcare signage and strategy, corporate workplace graphics, and civic signage and branding. He also discovered a new passion for teaching and is excited to be a new addition to Kolar’s co-op mentorship program.
In his free time, Keegan can either be found with a book in his hands with the cat on his lap, on a roller coaster laughing hysterically, or exploring a hiking trail with his husband in a National Park.
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