John Mesa



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September 2002

John Mesa is an Experiential Graphic Designer at Showoff Designs and has numerous years of experience in Graphic Design and Experiential Design.
Throughout life John Mesa was always drawing, and took classes at local art schools. He studied Commercial Arts and Graphic Design through OJT in Oklahoma. Mesa then started doing layouts for a wholesale grocer in their print shop, and was discovered by Benham, Blair & Affiliates Architects & Engineers to do their in-house graphics and promotional packages.
Mesa was then enticed by HTB, Architects & Engineers to be their in-house graphic designer and signage designer. Where he designed and produced all promotional materials both printed and slide presentations. He began doing wayfinding and identity signage. His first major project was the Oklahoma County Jail Facility. Designed the OSSM logo (Oklahoma School of Science and Math) and their identity signage.
Later John Mesa worked at CH Guernsey doing the same things, promotional graphics and wayfinding and identity signage. Up until Mesa joined Guernsey, he was doing all my work on a drawing board and with a camera. He was introduced to computers and creating all his work in that form. He did especially like being able to draw perfect circles and squares. Over time he learned to use the computer to design promotional pieces and signage designs. He was able to design directories for the building and even did the outdoor identity sign for Guernsey.
Now presently John Mesa is doing identity, wayfinding signage and graphic design at Showoff Designs.
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