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November 2016

Jodi Jackson is passionate about helping people find their way.
Jodi combines a Bachelor of Arts in psychology with studies in graphic design at Art Center College of Design to approach wayfinding with a combination of design, observing human behavior, and common sense.
As a senior project manager for the California State Teachers Retirement System, Jodi’s introduction to wayfinding came when the CalSTRS’ CEO asked to add a sign from the parking garage to the building lobby when visitors complained that they couldn’t find the building’s entrance. After conducting a wayfinding audit, Jodi discovered that the lack of a sign on the door was only one small part of a much bigger problem. The confusion started on the street as people approached the building and continued inside. Jodi recommended a series of changes, which have since had a profound impact on the way visitors interact with the building. This not only improved the ability of guests to find their way, it also improved their mood upon arrival and ultimately their impression of the agency. Since this “ah ha” moment, Jodi has consulted on and designed branded environments and wayfinding systems for all CalSTRS facilities in California.
Currently CalSTRS is building an addition to its headquarters building, and Jodi has been involved in the design and blueprint phase to make sure wayfinding is part of the plans from the beginning, not just an afterthought that prompts modifications once complaints start coming in.
Combining right brain with left brain, Jodi recently received her PMP in project management, which rounds out her skill set and helps her get things done!
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Branded Environments, Placemaking, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

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Brand, Graphic, Signage, Sustainability