Harry Cole

Curious, playful, responsible, dedicated.



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January 2024

I am a visual designer interested in branding, publication design, and environmental graphics. I grew up in suburban Arkansas, studied visual art at Stanford for my BA, and I now study graphic design at Seattle Central. Outside of class, I work at the Asian/Pacific Islander center at my college, meditate, and run regularly.

Ask me about

Ask me a question about the San Francisco Bay Area. Lived there for six years before moving to Seattle for school.

My super power is

My super power is that I’m a designer who loves writing. I’m passionate about content strategy and telling stories through writing and visuals.

I'm looking for

Connections with positive and supportive role models.

What I love about experience design

I love improvisation when I’m in the early stages of creative projects. I bring a playful energy to brainstorms and love experimenting with lots of ideas.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

The only thing you have to do is not give up.

Where I find Inspiration

I love reading interviews of visual artists, novelists, poets, and other creative professionals.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Strategy/Research/Planning

Focus Area

Brand, Graphic, Interactive


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Museums