Christopher Brast



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May 2019

Christopher Brast is the Director of Corporate Signage at Innovative Environments, located in Houston, Texas.
Christopher Brast is a professional with 15 years history in custom signage, graphics and corporate environments is part of an amazing team! He grew up in a family of custom craftsmen (furniture and custom home builders) and has quality ingrained in his DNA. Christopher took a 11 year hiatus and worked as an auditor (what the heck was he thinking) and then realized he loved to create. The last fourteen years Christopher worked with Ad Display Sign Systems as Vice President and Sr PM.
In June 2018, Christopher Brast took an outstanding offer to join the groundswell of Innovative Environments and things have been amazing. They have been working on custom corporate interiors, building broadcast television studios (really cool), museum projects and very interesting custom graphics and signage projects. He is part of a team of incredible professionals who love coming to work each day and feed off each other.
Christopher Brast spends his free time planning trips with his wife.They have hiked some of the most breathtaking routes across the Alps.
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