Buzz Bizzell, III



Member Since

January 2004

Buzz Bizzell is the president and creative director of Bizzell Design, Inc, a multi-disciplinary design firm in the Charlotte, NC area. They focus on Wayfinding signage, murals, and civic branding. By combining award winning expertise in graphic design, industrial design and architectural styling, Bizzell helps architects, town planners and developers bring together the elements of style that create a sense of place and a memorable identity.
Buzz Bizzell is considered to be an expert in the field of signage design and civic wayfinding. Many of his concepts and designs establish market trends. He recently launched a new division, Urban Ideas, a company developed to create affordable ways for economic development groups and downtown managers to improve downtown street scapes, increase visibility and develop a unique mix of business opportunities.
Specialties: Brand & Identity
Signage and Wayfinding Programs
Entryway, Gateway and Monuments
Lighting, Sculpture
Branded Mixed Use Communities
Themed commercial environments
Prior to this, Buzz Bizzell was CEO and Creative Director of NatureCraft Corporation. As creative director he designed and developed signage, displays and identity programs for some of the nations top multifamily and resort real estate development firms. He also was responsible for hiring and managing a staff with skills ranging from account management, business administration, industrial design, graphic design, architecture, industrial labor and skilled craftsmen. In 1988 Bizzell sold NatureCraft Corp.
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