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March 2014

Experienced EGD educator and practitioner
Brian Tinker directs the Digital Media and Design degree programs at Isaacson School of Communication, Arts & Media at Colorado Mountain College. The College is located in the scenic Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen, Colorado. Isaacson School Brian Tinker’s students engage in a broad spectrum of EGD topics, including: immersive and interactive video, virtual and augmented reality; wayfinding; commercial sign design; display and exhibit design. Brian Tinker’s students enjoy access to a new prototype lab, which is equipped with: laser engraver; 3-D printers; CNC Mill; CNC router; large format printers; vinyl cutter; laminator; foam cutter; plastics molders; 4-color serigraph press; intaglio press; metal welder; panel saw; drill presses; band saws; joiner/planer; bench sanders; bench grinders; miter saw; blasting cabinet. Other facilities include: TV studios; audio studios; photo studio.
Brian Tinker has been a design and marketing consultant for nearly four decades. His practice includes graphic design; branding; commercial TV and radio production; advertising copywriting; Brian Tinker’s EGD experience includes: environment design for Autohaus, ProFound Sound & Music, CAMCO; exhibit design for Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Warner Press, Nevada Mining Association, Raven TV, The Art Institues; wayfinding systems for commercial office buildings and office parks; display design for Me-Neeps Shoes, Ciao! Shoes, Ixis Menswear, Sierra Seasonings, CAMCO Holdings; commercial sign design Stop-n-Go; for Wolf Printing & Mailing; Autohaus, CAMCO, Goldman & Associates, Tierco.
Brian Tinker holds an MFA in Graphic Design, and a Doctorate of Education.
View more of Brian’s work at Isaacson School at Colorado Mountain College. Connect with Brian on Linkedin,Facebook,and on his website.