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December 2022

You know, there’s a fine line to walk on these bio things. Too braggadocious and you’re an a-hole. Too self-deprecating and you might be taken at your word. Too quirky and you’re just plain weird. So, let me dive in and give you the Brett origin story while I hopefully avoid those pitfalls. I went to film school (and actually wrote and directed a feature film…which is more rare than you’d think). And then I dove head-first into the heady world of art direction, design, and basically creating awesome stuff for awesome brands and people. I also built a company from nothing, while under a mountain of debt (see “film school” and “feature film” above). A big risk to some, but I believed in myself, my team, and our ability to do stonkingly-good work. It paid off, and not just for NeoPangea.
Our clients include Disney, National Geographic, ViacomCBS, McCormick & Company, NBCU, G4, Smithsonian, Unique Snacks, and many more fine folks. Our work’s been a finalist for four Emmys (one day we’ll win…one day), and we’ve bagged gongs from the American Alliance of Museums, SXSW, Themed Entertainment Association, Communication Arts, CableFax, HOW, Ad Age, Promax, and The Webby Awards.
As a leader of a talented group of creative eclectics and technologists, I am driven to develop great leaders, push my team to conceive the inconceivable, go beyond their own abilities, and yes, give them a hug or a high five when they need it. And I am also in the business of making people love us, our work, and our sometimes crazy-but-fun process. So there, that’s me. Hopefully I walked the line well. Just know that when you work with me and my team, you’re never gonna be bored. That’s a promise.
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