Brad Jones



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September 2023

Brad Jones is the design director of Jack Porter, an experiential design firm based in Greenville, SC.
The Jack Porter team works to integrate design, storytelling, and technology to transform spaces into experiences that engage and inspire.
Brad is a creative stalwart with 20+ years in the professional design industry and over a decade in experiential design. With a conceptual ideation background formed in theatrical scenic design and graphic design, Brad excels at envisioning how spaces can tell stories through the visual and come to life for those audiences that interact with them.
At Jack Porter, Brad helps to shape ideas into reality through strategic decision-thinking and nurturing artists to exceed the expectations of clients by listening and solving creative problems. Imagination knows no limits. If you have a dream, hand him a blank page and let him bring it to life through the conceptual process. He is an avid fan of Marvel comics and old-school hip-hop.
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