Amanda Davidson



Member Since

January 2013

Amanda Davidson infuses her role at Media-Objectives as experiential graphic designer with a focus on collaboration, iteration, and humor. She knows that projects work best when all variations of design and build teams align, seamlessly integrating the story to be told. Exploring innovation in materiality, digital design, and technology, her work has been an asset to a number of Media-Objectives projects, including the VMWare offices and the MOEN and House of Rohl Fortune showrooms at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. She has also been an integral part of project photo shoots and internal culture initiatives. Her bright spirit is evident in her myriad knitting and fiber artistry projects, and her apartment is so full of succulents it rivals the Sonoran Desert.
Before coming to M-O, Amanda Davidson worked in luxury event design, interior design & advocacy, as well as knitting for pleasure and publication.
Volunteer Activities
Amanda Davidson works with (re)group in Chicago and serves as the Graphic Design Co-Chair for the (re)fortify youth program. She also co-chairs the (re)spell fundraiser in the fall and performs as moderator for the event.
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