Jessica Borich (陸慧儀)

Jessica Borich (陸慧儀)

Jessica is a creative problem solver by designing the invisible through the lens of social justice.


Member Since

February 2024

Jessica is a seasoned Experience Designer and Social Changemaker with a diverse background across a multitude of sectors and industries. She works in systems change to catalyse transformative change-believing that collectively, we can redefine humanity and transform our relationships with each other and with the land, creating hope for future generations.

Ask me about

What it means to be a ‘Jess of all trades’.

My super power is

My unicorn energy to connect and convene people.

I'm looking for

opportunities to connect and collaborate with the interdisciplinary designers who are a part of segd.

What I love about experience design

Systems change is the collective power of leveraging community and collaboration to find creative solutions to complex challenges. I truly believe humanity can achieve purpose-driven results if we prioritise equality, access, and inclusion to drive positive social, economic, and environmental change for future generations to come.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Don’t be afraid to shine brightly.

Where I find Inspiration

I find inspiration when I am in nature or when I am moving my body through dance.

Practice Area

Placemaking, Strategy/Research/Planning

Focus Area

Equitable Design


Cultural, Entertainment, Urban + Civic, Workplace