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Members Quick Help Guide


This is a guide to help members understand some of the powerful features and tools available to you on the website.

Renew Membership

Log into the website. Go to the store's membership tab to renew your membership.

Members account

To view your members account and your purchase history on segd.org log into the website (Hint: use your e-mail on record and your password or click password reset). Click on your name below the search box at the top of the right hand column to change your password, see any course files you have downloaded when you bought SEGD courses, view your purchase history, view member only content,or use member only tools.

SEGD Toolbox

The SEGD Toolbox,located on the Business of Design page under the Xplore menu tab, is a set of digital tools and reference documents that will help you to succeed in Experiential Graphic Design.

  • Easy to use Member Directory,Firm Directory, Project Directory and Project Gallery (for research to connect to Pinterest boards)
  • Surveys. Salaries, hour rates, skills...
  • Marketing support tools to help you get better known. Take advantage of SEGD.org's over 380,000 annual unique visitor traffic.
  • Podcasts (over 200), videos (over 250), courses. All you need to become the best professional you can be.
  • The latest posted RFP/RFQ's,Standard Agreement Form, SEGD brand Assets and Guidelines.


SEGD.org is the reference point for Experiential Graphic Design: Ways to Search for information on SEGD.org

There are many different ways to search for information on SEGD.org depending on what your goals are. Here are the main ones:

  • Use the search at the top right hand side of every page to access the advanced search for content, awards, firms and people. Just click search or enter a term to start the process. This brings up general results that include your term. Members and member firms get priority over other information, in part based on the amount they contribute to supporting SEGD.
  • Targeted research: Go to the Xploremenu tab for a view of all SEGD's information categorized using the EGD taxonomies of Practice Area, Industry Vertical and Fundamental Design Terms such as Hierarchy, Legibility, Symbol design etc.
  • Looking for people: Go to the "Who we are"page to see a filtering of information on Experiential Graphic Design by member. Information is presented using the Member Bios
  • Looking for a firm: Go to the Firmspage to see a filtering of the information on Experiential Graphic Design by member firm. Information is presented using the Firm Listings
  • Information on your local Chapter: Go to the chapterpages to see a filtering of the Global Design Awards by city. Information is presented using the Global Design Awards


To find the full Taxonomy Index for Experiential Graphic Design please go to the About menu tab and select Education.Scroll down this page for a full list of the taxonomy terms in the middle column. This index is also available  on every Xplore page.

Members Digital Benefits

SEGD leads the association world with the value created digitally for members. These benefits are working for you 24/7/365 while you are a paid member without you having to do anything! SEGD.org is one of the associations biggest assets with over 3.6 million page views and 435,000 visitors a year. The SEGD Strategic Plan calls for SEGD.org to connect members, firms and their projects to this traffic so that the associations biggest asset, becomes a direct benefit of membership. This activity has already created huge annual membership benefits for SEGD members.


SEGD's table of incredible digital value of over $4,000 per member per year.

Increase your presence on segd.org Read more in this analysis of the measured awareness that SEGD.org can give your firm when you contribute content to SEGD.org. You'll be amazed at what it can do for you!

Creating your Member Bio

To create your bio, please submit the bio form.Member Biosare free and receive over 20,000 impressions a year and over 1,000 page reads. In addition to the information in your bio, the Bios also gather all articles written mentioning you on the website such as Global Design Awards you have won, Member News you have submitted, Feature Articles and a link to your Firm. Use the "submit bio link", just below the block of 6 images of People in the right hand column of any page.

Creating your Firm Listing

Firm Listings can be purchased for $500 per year. A Firm Listingis a key marketing tool for you helping to create awareness and targeted information for the Experiential Graphic Design Community. Firm Listings deliver over 200,000 impressions a year and over 1,500 reads. They get special profiling of your logo on the firms page helping people find you and explore what you have to offer. Firm Listings also gather your Global Design Awards, Feature Articles and contact information visible if you are logged onto the website.

Member Bios and Firm Listings both help link the over 330,000 annual visitors to segd.org back to your firms website. Member Bio's and Firms listings appear on every page of segd.org.

Posting member news

Member News helps to put your firm on the front page of SEGD.org, fill out your Firm Listing profile and ensure that there is great information about you available about you on segd.org. To post member news about new/completed projects, your latest awards, new hires and promotions, new materials or processes please contact Ann Makowski

Blogging on SEGD.org

We encourage you to blog on the SEGD site. However, for now we are opening the blogging section to contributing members only. i.e. those who would like to write thoughtful pieces or interesting content on the subject of EGD or any of the practice areas within EGD. If you would like to blog, please contact Kate Heller.

TAGS (Relevant Links) officially known as the websites taxonomy

All content has been cataloged using tags to create relevant categories of information for the profession. In English? Click on the Related Links at the bottom of every page. For instance if you clicked on an EGD designers name such as  Lance Wyman,or Wayne Huntyou would get a landing page of all the information on these two members that exists on SEGD.org. Or if you clicked on a firm such as Pentagramyou would see a landing page for this firm of all the content that exists about them on segd,org. Powerful stuff for finding relevant information on members or their firms. If you would like to see a more edited view, use the People Page or the Firms page rather. Here's a clue for advanced searchers. Many of the pages on segd.org are dynamically generated, which means (if you want to Geek out a bit) that you can view your own pages by using the URL format https://segd.org/explore/[place-your-term-here] replacing spaces with dashes i.e. https://segd.org/explore/infinite-scale

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