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The search box at the top of every page can help you find people, projects, firms, and more on SEGD.org. Need inspiration for a mood board? Looking for examples of library wayfinding? Need to home in on legibility or mapping? Sort all content by Practice Area, Industry Vertical, or XGD Fundamental by clicking on Xploreon the main menu.

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Our members love hearing from other members—and we have some inspiring member bloggers who bring you thoughtful pieces and interesting content on a regular basis. Here’s howto join them.

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Let’s work together on deep dives into projects that explore methodology, materiality, and challenges. The resulting articles will appear above the fold on the front page of SEGD.org and then live in the searchable archive forever. More here.

Or are you more of a sketcher? (We get you.) Member Sketchbooks are a way to showcase your personal/professional drawing skills and your process. We’re dying to get into your sketchbook so click hereif you’re willing to share.

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What is an alternative to this material? Who can recommend a blacksmith? Have you run into this challenge with a client? Anyone know a fabricator in Paris? Quick answers to questions like this come via the SEGDTalk listserv—so you should definitely respond “Yes!” when you get your members-only invitation! SEGDTalk is where members talk to members and is also searchable for past conversations. (Want to start SEGDTalking? Email us at s[email protected].)

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With SEGD’s 40+ Chapters, you can meet, mix, and learn with members around the globe—because all members are welcome at all Chapter events. Activities range from behind-the-scenes museum tours and welding lessons to pub crawls and Ask-Me-Anything talks.

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This marketing tool creates awareness and targeted information for your firm within the Experiential Graphic Design community. Firm Listingsdeliver 200,000+ impressions and 1,500+ reads every year, and a selection of Firm Listings appear on every page of SEGD.org. This valuable profile of your firm helps people find you and explore what your firm has to offer. Firm Listings also collect all articles mentioning your firm on SEGD.org and feature a link to your firm. Members receive a 38% discount on Firm Listings so click hereto purchase a Firm Listing and click hereto submit your content.

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