Mellow Mushroom Signage

Harbinger (Jacksonville, Fla.) created a custom-driven signage solution to reflect the trippy environment for Mellow Mushroom, a unique restaurant concept born out of the free-wheeling hippy culture.

“For Mellow Mushroom, the issue was blending a unique customer experience (each location tells a story) with neighborhood ordinances,” said Ed Busey, Creative Director at Harbinger Sign. The art deco sign evokes a sense of nostalgia while utilizing modern lighting technology to ensure cost efficiency and longevity to reduce maintenance costs.

Harbinger Sign is sponsoring a new exhibit, Material Transformations, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville. The exhibit uncovers a unique symbolism in the unconventional materials used to create a variety of objets d’art. Think aluminum cans, cleaning sponges, construction debris, corsage pins, masking tape, office supplies, wrapping paper, and all those things living in your junk drawer. In their altered states, these new objects form intriguing works of art that challenge us to question our relationship to the consumer-based foundations of our modern lives while leaving behind established hierarchies among art, craft, and design.

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