Melissa Mayo

Melissa Mayo is the owner of Sunburst Designs in Houston
Houston, TX

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Melissa Mayo is the owner of Sunburst Designs in Houston.

"A good design will catch your eye, but a great design helps communicate your message. After all, what good are words if no one reads them?"

Melissa Mayo sees this all the time: good design, zero readability. Most designers pour your content onto a page, make it look pretty, and call it a day. In fact, many graphic designers never read the materials they create. But I know from more than 20 years of experience designing print and online marketing, educational, outreach and research materials, that creating pieces audiences want to read is the key to great design. That's why my primary goal is making sure that your message is readable and inviting.

Melissa Mayo is a professional designer who understands your message (and who is an Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign, with extensive knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, excellent communication, proofreading, typographic and layout skills, as well as accurate pre-press capabilities)

If you're looking for Melissa Mayo's HUB subcontractor or WBE information, please refer to her Certifications and Experience on her website.

Connect with Melissa Mayo on LinkedIn or direct via e-mail.

See her work at Sunburst Designs.

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