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The Melbourne Chapter are delighted to be involved and host this OffGrid18's 'Melbourne' stopover event.

Discover a unique experience of Melbourne's city through the the eyes of Büro North, diverting from the main streets to stumble upon Architectural marvels, design delights and the hidden history of our City. 

Uncover an unexpected side of Melbourne!  

For more information and tickets.

This is a 'stopover' event for people travelling to OffGrid18 in Wellington. OffGrid participants can take part in the Melbourne event or join the entire OffGrid18 journey. 

OffGrid18 is a different kind of conference. Through a series of curated events and experiences in diverse location it explores and discovers the 'Experiential City'. It's a must for all people who connect people to place, be that through architecture, urban design, planning, signage, experience design, art or activism and everything in between! Learn more about OffGrid18 and register.

The event is over, but everyone had a great time and learned a lot.

See the PDF wrap up of the event below and we hope, if you were not able to make it out this time that you will be able to make it next time.

Justine, Soren and Alex.



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