Meijie Hu

Meijie Hu
Pittsburg, PA

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I am a junior student majoring in Hybrid Environment Design at Carnegie Mellon University and minoring in Media Design, with interests in scenic design and multimedia art. 

Studying both digital interaction design and interactive physical space shapes my pursue in design – curating interesting interactive experiences and calling for emotional resonance. This encourages me to explore the intersection of different media, especially how physical environment can foster the integration of the two environments. 
I envision myself to be a design generalist and multimedia story-teller, because I think a compelling story can be unfold into layers of experiences and should not be limited by the medium. While my background in design initially starts with visual design, my interests extend much further than that. I have taken classes with The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry on interactive computation; I am doing exhibition design project at Carnegie Museum of Natural History about Anthropocene; I have also studied scenic design in the School of Drama. Overall, my interests range from interactive media to exhibition and scenic design. I believe designers need a multi-dimensional mindset regardless of their specialized fields so that their works can inform each other to create cohesion.  

Volunteer Activities 

Art Direction Intern, June 2019 - August 2019
Working closely with creative technologists, I helped create the interactive mirror in LG OLED café and pitching new experiential branding for Mikimoto using immerging technology. Other responsibilities include motion graphics and video editing.

Guangdong Bawei Law Firm
Design Consultant, Jan 2019 - Now
Establish new visual identity system including logo, signage system and pitch design suggestions for office environment.

Reality Computing Studio 
Head of VR Interior Experience Team, Jan 2019 - May 2019
Collaborating with the school-led Urban Design Build Studio (UDBS), I led VR interior team to conduct research and model VR expeirence for a housing design in East Liberty neighbourhood.

Lunar Gala Fashion Show
Head of Photography, August 2019 - Now
Brainstorm and assist directing campaign photoshoots and fashion lines’ product shoots. Work closely with prints and web to create immersive brand experience.

Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival
Designer, Photographer, Jan 2018 - April 2019
Established the visual system for CMUIFF 2019, photographer of the theme images, pamphlet and trailer designer.


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