Meet Your Makers at the 2017 SEGD Conference

Looking for new fabricators to help bring your ideas into reality? Need to research ADA signage or sustainable processes for your next project? Whether you’re looking for collaboration, information, or inspiration, NEXPO is the place for you.

The day-long event will bring together vendors, fabricators, clients and design professionals at the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami. [There’s still time to registerfor the full conference or get a one-day NEXPO-only pass.]

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find on June 9 at the Loews Miami Beach:

Digital Signage and Wayfinding Software Platform | 22 Miles

22 Miles will once more be able to showcase their true-user editable 3D wayfinding platform with multiple examples that were in full collaboration with other SEGD design firms. Come find out what other SEGD firms are doing with the cross-platform capabilities of the 22 Miles Publisher Pro. (Booth 109)

A New Spectrum of Creativity | 3M

Looking for a way to achieve brilliant effects with shimmering, color-shifting looks—without the cost of dichroic glass? With 3M™ Dichroic Glass Finishes, you can achieve the same effect with color that shifts depending on the viewer’s angle, plus simple application and at a fraction of the cost. (Booth 207)

A Floating, Frameless Canvas for Your Designs | APCO Sign Systems

Whether you’re looking for an image-intense sign program or a more classic look with anodized finishes, Elevate is a comprehensive system with customizable options to suit any design. APCO Signs has been providing interior and exterior sign solutions for over 50 years. (Booth 211)

LED Lighting Partner | Bitro

Bitro strives to be “Your LED Lighting Partner” by offering professional-grade products, top-tier chips and current technology in channel letter modules, light box, and cabinet LED illumination. It provides a specialized line of excellent custom sign solutions with its RESNO, ELP, GLACIER WHITE acrylic and linear LED and RGB lighting options not available elsewhere. (Booth 202)

The Art of Metal Fabrication, The Power of Intention to Detail | Bo-mar Industries

Bo-mar Industries is not a typical metal fab shop. Its craftsmen, machinists and engineers use an artistic approach along with modern technology to bring your vision to life. Form, function, and visual impact are all considered as they take projects from concept sketches through to implementation. (Booth 107)

Signature LED, Architectural Signage and More | Colite

Colite develops and implements signage programs for the world’s leading brands and design firms. Offering a full range of specialty signage products—from architectural to high-end Signature LED—Colite connects brands to the people they serve and the world around them. (Booth 219)

Decorative Architectural Waterjet | Creative Edge Master Shop 

Creative Edge is the originator and pioneer of decorative architectural waterjet and will display 25 years of waterjet projects in all types of venues in materials as diverse as brass, stainless steel, granite, marble, ceramics, glass, rubber vinyl linoleum and cork. Large streetscapes and lobbies, as well as detailed signage and logo graphics, reveal the versatility and importance of waterjet fabrication for environmental graphic design. (Booth 100)

(Photo: State seal, Utah capitol building 2015)

Architectural Sign Fabrication Experts | DeNyse Companies

DeNyse Companies knows that client perception is critical, so they focus on customer satisfaction. They are a nationwide custom signage company with experts in fabrication, installation and project management. (Booth 414)

Architectural Products| Designtex

The newest material solutions available from Designtex include custom-printed CeramicSteel, Casper Cloaking Technology, laser-cut Wanabee polyester felt and Play Date, an interactive wallcovering to used create positive distraction (Booth 314-316)

Durable High-Resolution Powder-Coating | Direct Embed Coating Systems

Direct Embed offers a durable, scratch resistant, anti-graffiti powder-coating process that embeds high-resolution images, graphics and copy into a powder-coated layer on flat and dimensional surfaces, as well as perforated panels. Direct Embed offers full in-house fabrication and nationwide installation. (Booth 312)

(Photo: Jerry Garcia Wolf Guitar Office Ceiling Fixture 2016)

Custom Visual Displays | DSA Phototech

DSA Phototech is a trusted manufacturing partner that will help turn your visual display ideas into reality. Display size, lighting technology, color temperature, finish, enclosures, substrate and mounting options can be customized for virtually limitless design possibilities. (Booth 102)

Systems & Tactile Signs Made Simple | Encompass Sign Systems

Encompass collaborates with designers and planners, just like you, to bring highly customized and branded signage environments to life. (Booth 416)

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Lighting Solutions | eos LightPanel Systems

eos LightPanel™ Systems is an award-winning creator and provider of LED panel lighting solutions for commercial, retail, industrial, hospitality and luxury residential applications. A trendsetter of sustainable, eco-friendly solutions, eos has pioneered the way to bring LED lighting panels to the functional and decorative mainstream market around the globe.  (Booth 205)

Brailliant Touch Encapsulated ADA Signage | Eye Catch Signs International

Eye Catch Signs International manufactures encapsulated “Brailliant” ADA signage and tactile maps. The product incorporates a UV-protected, fire-rated and graffiti-proof topfilm that creates long-lasting ADA signs and maps that work in schools, hospitals and high-use Institutions. Eye Catch Signs International has been an innovator in the design-build of architectural signs for almost 30 years in the United States, Australia and Europe. (Booth 403)

Making First Unique Impressions Last | Flex America

Flex America features state-of-the art color changing acrylic technology for channel letters, offering custom Pantone color matching and LED technology to create highly-illuminated images. (Booth 420)

Creating immersive experiences through Visual Solutions | Gable

As a leader in a new era of visual communications, Gable integrates digital displays, audiovisual, signage, and lighting into the most complex environments. We believe in open, transparent collaboration with our partners. Providing world-class visual solutions is what we do; holding value in our relationships is who we are. (Booth 213)

Dimensional Lettering, Logos and More | Gemini Inc.

Leverage unmatched architectural materials, forms and products, UL-certified LED illumination and international program management capabilities for your most ambitious experiential design vision with Gemini Sign Products. (Booth 301)

Designers’ Partner in Brand Implementation | Icon

Icon provides full turn-key brand implementation services including surveys, brand application books, permitting and landlord approvals, sign and graphic production, installation and maintenance services. (Booth 215)

Building Your Vision for Interior Signage | Identity Group

Identity Group will be highlighting a few of its unique interior sign fabrication processes, featuring ArtMetal, patina finish individual letters; PermaFrost, bold acrylic signs with a quartz-like finish; and Alchemy Text + Graphics, its superior process for raised visual graphics and ADA-compliant tactile text and braille. (Booth 307)

Greenest ADA-Compliant Sign Materials | Jet USA Corporation

What do you get when you combine Mosa Bamboo (the fastest growing plant on earth) with recycled corrugated and a biodegradable photopolymer layer? You get the greenest ADA-compliant sign material in the world. Combine that with Jet EX: Extreme Performance Clear and your interior grade photopolymer just became exterior-grade. (Booth 511)

From Branding to Wayfinding | L&H Sign Company

L&H Sign Company has been a leading provider of quality architectural sign products for more than 22 years. With 63,500 square feet of manufacturing space, L&H Sign Company has the resources to create virtually anything, from a complete company branding project to the most complex wayfinding system. (Booth 306)

Sustainable Illumination | Litegrafx

The Litegrafx LED Light Panel is an innovative, ultra-slim light source that provides uniform and sustainable illumination. Their products are highly customizable and can even be configured for outdoor applications. (Booth 206)

Textured Wall Media | Mactac

With six different environments, the DesignScape3D app can spark creativity for decorative solutions and help your design team specify the right Mactac pressure-sensitive print media for your project. (Booth 103)

High-Quality Industrial Coatings | Matthews Paint

Matthews Paint is a leading manufacturer of acrylic polyurethane sign paint. Through an ongoing process of intensive research, development and field-testing, Matthews Paint offers the most advanced sign paint system available. (Booth 419)

Branded Environments Innovators | Moss Environments

Moss is a leader in tension fabric structures, large-format graphics and specialty signage—ready to solve any challenge and turn your best ideas into powerful experiences. Ask them about glass applications and dimensional signage. (Booth 302)

Workspace Design Solutions | ORAFOL Americas

Spice up your next wall and window project with these great options: ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Cal, ORACAL® 631 Exhibition Cal and ORAJET® 3169RA Intermediate Calendered Digital Media with RapidAir® Technology. (Booth 308)

(Photo Credit: NovoWorks 2016)

LED Modules for Signs and Backlighting | OSRAM

OSRAM offers a full portfolio of advanced LED modules and power supplies for every signage application. Quick turnaround signage layout services are also available. (Booth 112)

Making Wayfinding Simple | Pam Wayfinding

Pam is a cloud-based platform for managing signs to create smarter spaces for people. The software is transforming the way education, healthcare and transport facilities globally create spaces that are easy to navigate and fun to explore. (Booth 220)

Bring Your Vision to Multi-Dimensional Reality | Rainier Industries

This year, Rainier is proud to introduce the most advanced 3D freeform tube bending technology in North America, using a unique mix of metal, fabric, wood, and digital print capabilities to bring your vision to multi-dimensional reality. Working with top design and architectural firms, Rainier uses state-of-the-art technology to produce captivating environments and stunning architectural pieces. (Booth 415)

Reflective Digital Printing for Signage | Sherine Industries

Sherine digitally direct prints onto all grades of 3M reflective sheeting, with full 7, 10 or 12-year 3M MCS Warranty. Their single layer print process means the entire surface is reflective, virtually eliminating risk of failure while allowing more flexibility in design. (Booth 108)

Your Brand Champion | Showdog Brand Handlers

NEXPO is the debut for Showdog Brand Handlers, a new interior-design-execution firm that brings unique fabrication, color management and brand consistency technology and expertise to the sign industry, intuitive, responsive, essential for award-winning sign programs. (Booth 408)

Software to Plan and Manage Your Signs with Ease| SignAgent Inc.

Spending too much time with message schedules and location plans? We've been there. Using SignAgent Pro™ allows you to program faster and more accurately so you can get back to what you love: design. (Booth 503)

Extraordinary Visual Communication | VER

VER is the go-to company for bringing visual experiences to life, providing solutions that allow people to do amazing things—from small, memorable events, stadium tours, to fixed corporate and customer engagement experiences.  VER understands how to innovate past technology thresholds on critical and complex projects that require a creative, high-performance and unique visual communication solutions. (Booth 116)

Interactive Wayfinding, Room Signs and Digital Signage | Visix

Visix offers award-winning interactive wayfinding designs, meeting room signs and digital signage software. Their paper-white room signs use black and red ink and are easy to mount right out of the box with customizable faceplates and screen templates. (Booth 411)

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