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The NPS UniGuide Program, National Park Service, Meeker & Associates
The NPS UniGuide Program

Meeker & Associates was founded in 1985 by Donald Meeker. Although trained in design and fine arts, Meeker’s approach to design has been shaped by his experience as a community planner, his love of the outdoors, his work in public and corporate environmental graphic design with Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn, and his father’s influence as a structural engineer.

Meeker & Associates of Larchmont, New York, provides graphic, environmental, and industrial design services for academic and civic institutions, industrial and service businesses, local and federal governmental agencies. We work with clients throughout the United States and Canada. Our primary focus is crafting appropriate ways to present identity, wayfinding, and information in a well-crafted and engaging way– while affirming the unique character of the client, place, or type of communications.

Meeker & Associates has provided a variety of design services: graphic standards programs for park and natural resource management agencies; visual identity for institutions and companies; map design and wayfinding for public places and historic sites; creation of typefaces for improving road sign legibility for older motorists; design of symbols to aid communications; book design for publishers; and interpretive exhibits for nature trails and historic sites.

We learn as much as we can about a client’s needs before we begin an assignment. We want to fully understand who you are and what you want from our services. For environmental projects we attempt to experience the conditions firsthand, recording our impressions with interviews and photographs. We believe that preliminary analysis is an important part of the creative process, because it sets the direction for everything that follows. We strive to develop solutions that will remain fresh over time. Our design process is phased and transparent. We provide options at all stages for client review before presenting our final recommendations. We thoroughly document our designs through all stages of our projects to aid client understanding. As needed, we partner with architects, landscape architects, historians, engineers, perceptual psychologists, and human factors engineers—and we collaborate with them on their projects.

Clients become partners in the design process providing background information, participating in give-and-take developmental discussions, and reviewing proposals at various stages. Our design team on any project is experienced, small, and focused on the assignment. Meeker & Associates is committed to providing clients with enlightened, thorough, and responsive solutions. Our services include initial analysis, design, design documentation and specifications. We offer full implementation services from bidding to coordination of manufacturing, installation, or printing. We itemize each stage, so our fees are transparent.

Each project has aesthetic and functional attributes tailored to the project. Because of our experience with diverse projects, our design solutions are well grounded. We take nothing for granted. We work hard not to have preconceived ideas. We despise superficiality. We believe communications should enhance public understanding of the governmental, nonprofit, or corporate service. To that end, we believe that appropriate design programs can serve as a management tool for institutions, communities, industries, and businesses that interact with or are viewed by the public.


Clearview by Donald S. Meeker and Richard Montalbano
A Clear View with Don Meeker, 2015 SEGD Fellow

By anyone’s standards, the work of Don M

National Mall Signage and Wayfinding

With All Due Respect

3 images of National Parks Service Graphics elements
National Park Service Identity and Signage

From the SEGD archives, circa 2009: this projec

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