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SEGD Global Design Awards

111 Java Corners
111 Java Corners
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222 Java Corners
SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center Donor Recognition
SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center Donor Recognition

The environment in which we live, work and play allows for experiences that transition between the digital world and its architectural counterpart. This realization and the need to offer broader services led to the formation of Media Objectives, an embedded experiential design studio at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates.

The Media Objectives team consists of individuals from cross-disciplinary backgrounds including brand strategy, architecture, industrial, interior and graphic design. We are a collaborative that views design as a blurred line across traditional disciplines, comprehensively approaching client needs and goals through multiple forms of media. Today, Media Objective continues to work with the architecture team at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates as well as working independently with external clients.

Our goal for every project, no matter the scale or deliverable, is always the same. We use our expertise to create outcomes that represent your unique personality. The process is a collaborative effort, allowing us to craft a clearly communicated impactful story resulting in a memorable experience.

We are Media Objectives. We have the mindset that building impactful and unique experiences requires a commitment to the client, the user and the brand.

Brand Strategy & Identity Development
Environmental Branding
Print Design
Signage & Wayfinding Design
User Experiences & Interactions
Website Design
Architectural Installations
Exhibition & Event Design
Hospitality & Retail Experiences
Interactive Design
Marketing Strategy
Visualizations, Photography & Video Art Direction

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Inside Media Objectives

SEGD Wayfinding Event, April 14-15, 2016 with Joe Lawton and Ellen Bean Spurlock, Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train
Wayfinding at Work – Place, Brand and Context [The SEGD Wayfinding Event]

Whether it’s for high-tech start-ups or m

Google Tech Corners Campus, EGD by Media Objectives/Valerio Dewalt Train
Growing Up Google -- How Wayfinding and Placemaking Help Evolve the Google Brand

When Google opened its new Tech Corners Campus

2016 Wayfinding - Dialogue : Defining Spaces for All Ages: Workplace & Education Wayfinding

2016 Wayfinding - Defining Spaces for All Ages : Workplace Wayfinding - Joe Lawton & Ellen Bean Spurlock

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