Media Centric: EGD From Concept to Installation

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What you will Learn:
This course focuses specifically on the current trends and state of Media Centric EGD projects.

•Understand the components of a media centric EGD project and how technologies can be aligned to a desired experience.
•Discover how EGD practices can integrate and apply their knowledge base for storytelling and information design to motion graphics and digitally driven experiences

Questions Answered:
•How much more complex are video than static graphics installations?
•How do you develop budgets for media centric projects?
•When is it not a good option to use technology and medic centric installations?
•What kind of measures do you take to make media centric installations vandal proof and more durable?

Course Materials:
One MP4 webcast file and two PDF presentations

Approximately 67:00 minutes

Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye
Gretchen Coss, Gallagher & Associates




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