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Two McDonald's restaurants in two states received a new design treatment integrating architecture, graphics and space. The corporate identity is expressed through both as part of the interior and exterior architecture. At Colorado Springs, the giant box of French fries beckons customers; larger than the golden arches sign outside, it is both sign and sculpture. Inside the store, menu graphics become part of the décor. Instead of squinting to see one giant menu board over the clerks' heads, patrons can look at the small menu board posted by each cash register. At the Darien, IL, store, illuminated golden arches function as a brand-reinforcing room divider.

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Design Firm: 



McDonald's Corporation

Location City: 

Darien, IL

Project Area: 


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Design Team: 

Charles Kridler; Graphics: Jane Brady, Dian Duvall, Julie Tashima, Lisa Van Zandt; Architecture: Kevin Hart, John Ishihara, Jean Lavan, Andrew Meagher; Retail Design: Michael Bodziner, Dana Frost, Jeff Henry, Julie Lochowski-Haney, Suzanne Korock, Katie Price


Frankel & Company


Florida Plastics, Hollywood Signs, JBI, Plasti-Line Inc., Yesco

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