Mayer/Reed Welcomes Yurtseven and Struve

Mayer/Reed Welcomes Yurtseven and Struve

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Mayer/Reed (Portland, Ore.) recently welcomed experiential  graphic designers, Alper Yurtseven and Rosie Struve.

Alper Yurtseven, SEGD, IDSA joins Mayer/Reed as a senior experiential graphic designer and project manager, bringing more than 16 years of experience in wayfinding, branding, donor recognition and UI design to the firm. Yurtseven was previously with Lebowitz Gould Design (New York). His current work with Mayer/Reed includes the Portland International Airport expansion, Hillsboro Community Center and Grays Harbor College. “Experiential graphic design is a field where the 2D world of graphics and typography meets the 3D world of products and spatial design," says Yurtseven. "With a background in both industrial and graphic design I am drawn to this realm, where these disciplines merge and possibilities expand.” Yurtseven holds a Master of Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute.

Rosie Struve joins Mayer/Reed as an experiential graphic designer. Her current work includes signage, wayfinding and experiential graphics for The Portland Building and several US embassies. Struve is a Portland State University alumna and adjunct instructor teaching Design Thinking. As a designer and instructor, Struve embraces the creative process and the evolution of a project as it develops. “Research, process and function are important design drivers,” she notes, “but breaking boundaries and trying the unexpected are equally necessary.”

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