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SEGD Global Design Awards

Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People
Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People
Revolution in the Landscape
Revolution in the Landscape: Re-Experience the Halprin Fountains
Vancouver Community Library
Vancouver Community Library
Eastbank Esplanade Urban Markers, Portland Development Commission, Mayer/Reed
Eastbank Esplanade Urban Markers
San Francisco International Terminal, San Francisco International Airport, Mayer/Reed
San Francisco International Terminal
Northwest Museum, Eastern Washington Historical Society, Mayer/Reed
Northwest Museum

Established in 1977, Mayer/Reed is a 27-person Portland, Oregon-based design studio providing landscape architecture, urban design, visual communications and product design services for the environments in which people live, work and play. Our designs emerge from a process that explores the social, cultural, ecological and historic contexts of each place, resulting in spaces that resonate with genuine identity.
Our work in experiential graphic design includes planning and design for interior and exterior identity and wayfinding signage, digital signage, interpretive/educational signage, interior enhancements/murals, donor recognition, sign systems and sculptural landmarks. Mayer/Reed’s reputation for elegant solutions in complex public spaces stems from our creative vision coupled with detailed client-focused planning process and technical precision.

An interdisciplinary studio with a holistic approach to placemaking, Mayer/Reed often integrates landscape architecture and urban design services with EGD. Our landscape architects plan and design public and private spaces including interpretive sites, trails, plazas, parks, gardens, streetscapes and transit corridors. Considered a leader in sustainable design, Mayer/Reed designs to conserve natural resources and preserve or restore environmental health.

Visit Mayer/Reed's website for more information.

Inside Mayer/Reed

Why We Enter Our Work in the SEGD Global Design Awards
Why Top Firms Enter Their Work in the SEGD Global Design Awards


30 Urban Linear Parks Projects Since 2000
30 Urban Linear Parks Projects Since 2000

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