Matthews Paint Introduces Mobile Color Scanning

Matthews Paint Introduces Mobile Color Scanning

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Matthews Paint and MeasureColor recently introduced a convenient color-scanning tool for the sign industry. The portable color scanner, weighing about an ounce, easily fits in the palm of the hand and paired with a smartphone or tablet, the device makes scanning color in the field easy. The small Bluetooth® enabled scanning device accurately captures surface color using Delta E calculations and L*a*b* color values, then syncs with the app installed on a smartphone or tablet to find the closest Matthews Paint color match and formula. 

"Our customers will seldom need to send color samples to the Matthews Paint color lab because you can achieve an accurate color scan on the spot," stated Jan Scheske, manager of marketing and customer service at Matthews Paint. "This will reduce the total time associated with preparation and turnaround time on projects."

Jim Lange, VP of US Sales at MeasureColor added, "We're thrilled to be working with the team at Matthews and its extensive distribution network. This integrated solution has been designed to support the Matthews mission, leverage a cloud-based platform and provide value at affordable price points."

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