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Matt Daly grew up in Dallas, and the son of a "Motorola lifer," which gave him lots of early exposure to telecommunication gear, including the early model PC that gave Matt his start. After beginning liberal arts' studies at The University of Texas at Austin, Matt soon transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he focused on art, technology, and his emerging interests in 3D animation. Those combined interests led Matt to Sinnott Pictures, a specialized cel animation studio which also operated a CGI division, and had a motion control stage. Even while still working his way through college, Matt quickly became responsible for connecting Wavefront software to the motion control system, and as time went on, he continued to lead Sinnott's R&D efforts to keep it at the forefront of the industry.

By the time he graduated in 1996, Matt's interests in kinetic sculpture led him in some exciting new directions. For the next several years, he traveled Europe and performed with Amorphic Robot Works, a collaborative group of artists, technicians, and programmers who create unique artistic machine-sculptures, and then tour and perform workshops with them. His specific duties involved designing, building, and maintaining animatronic systems for the live performances, providing electronic engineering and fabrication of custom servo-pneumatic and electromechanical systems. In Matt's words, "It was an interesting experience, and it taught me how to pull off huge shows for audiences where there was no room for failure."

Meanwhile, in between tours, Matt continued working with Sinnott as its technical director, as the company became Essential Pictures, and eventually was acquired by the renowned full-service post-production company The Filmworkers Club. Matt followed those experiences by joining Digital Kitchen in 2001 as its second full-time employee in Chicago, during the company's rapid rise as a world-leading production studio. Handling all facets of 3D production, Matt also designed and implemented a render farm and a 3D pipeline, along his way to becoming a visual effects supervisor. In 2006, Matt joined post-production and production house Optimus as a visual effects director, responsible for establishing a new graphics division. Over the next 18 months, he contributed his talents to numerous high-profile brand and commercial projects, before setting out on his own to pursue collaborations with his most respected peers.

Those adventures introduced Matt to Chad Hutson, principal of digital creative agency eatdrink, and their shared experiences led them set their sites on the creation of a new, design-focused production studio to create phenomenal visual experiences across all media platforms. Enjoining Jason White as their executive creative director, Chad and Matt joined Leviathan in May, 2010, and today, they are consistently delivering one diverse and stunning project after another for a growing roster of premier brands, agencies, production and entertainment companies, to include Walt Disney Imagineering.

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