Mary Moriarty

Mary Moriarty

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Mary Moriarty is an undergraduate student studying communication design in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati. At the core of everything she does lies an effort to promote harmony in one form or another. In design, visual harmony plays an important role, but Mary believes that true harmony comes when lives are made better, easier, and happier.

Mary Moriarty has had the opportunity to work in the warehouse redevelopment business for two years. Through this exposure, Mary gained experience in transforming abandoned spaces into beautiful lofts, studios, and offices. As collaborative member of the redevelopment process—design, demolition, and build—she has gained both the physical and conceptual skills necessary to transform a space into place of appeal and inclusion.

The time she spent working in redevelopment has engrained within her a passion for design that impacts the way we interact with spaces. Mary posses a drive for design that encourages others to interact with the world around them and to be engaged by their surroundings. She values design that exists in the physical world, but speaks to our inner worlds.

Mary Moriarty is a passionate yet pragmatic dreamer who is a firm believer in the power of intention and the law of attraction. She believes that the most successful design is the result of conscious purpose, effort, and persistence. Mary holds intentions of creating experiences that connect humans through the power of design and aesthetics.

Her interests lie within the fields of exhibition and experience design, environmental design, festival design, installations, way-finding, and environmental graphics.

View more of Mary Moriarty's work on her portfolio site.

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