Mariel Lustig

Mariel Lustig

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Mariel Lustig is a student at the University of Cincinnati, working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design.

Mariel Lustig is participating in the Professional Practice Program, alternating semesters of study with work in the field of graphic design. She is a highly motivated and a fast learner. Mariel appreciates the importance of teamwork and is a fully committed contributor to everything she takes on. She has a strong passion for art and design, so her passions play a large role in everything she works to accomplish.

Mariel Lustig has worked at Corgan (Dallas), Christie’s (New York), and Selbert Perkins Design (Los Angeles) as part of the co-op program. 

Mariel is excited to collaborate with other Environmental Graphic Designers through SEGD in hopes of learning from other designers about how they use EGD to enhance their lives and improve the lives of the people around them.

Volunteer Activities
Design in Mind, a student run organization, pairing college-aged students with elementary art classrooms dedicated to assisting in daily class activities, encouraging creativity, and introducing kids to careers based in art and design.

View more of Mariel Lustig's work on her portfolio.  Read Mariel's interview with Michael Bierut. Connect with Mariel on LinkedIn.

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