Marie-Josee Frigon

Marie-Josee Frigon in the Founder and President of Trafic Design in Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada

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Marie-Josee Frigon in the Founder and President of Trafic Design in Montreal, Canada.

Trafic Design creates remarkable business spaces that help you build your brand. Trafic Design makes your corporate environments a profitable investment. With over fifteen years of hands-on experience, our expert designers immerse themselves in your culture to accurately reflect your strategies at each stage of the process. Marie-Josee Frigon founded Trafic Design in 2000, to live her passion for design every day. She loves thought-out spaces and smart design. Marie-Josee Frigon believes a brand lives better in an environment that embodies it in every detail.

Trafic Design believes that your exhibition stand can make you stand out when developing new markets or presenting your innovations. By optimizing its layout, it becomes a powerful marketing tool and allows you to attract the desired clientele. This creates a favorable impression, helping to retain your customers and shorten your sales cycle.

Whether it’s a showroom, a sales office or a boutique, a promotional space is a point of contact to spend a privileged moment with your customers. Trafic Design creates assets that support your business strategy by having them live your brand experience.

An efficient office layout and functional design facilitates communication, collaboration and innovation. Every detail needs to be closely examined to ensure you attract and retain the best talent. That's why we fully take charge of your projects to deliver concrete and profitable results.

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