Marcel Machler, Inc.

Carvings and Sculpture

His web site barely scratches the surface of possibilities that Marcel Mächler Inc., Carvings and Sculptures can bring to the art of stone carving.

If you are planning or executing a construction project that requires unequaled stone work, you are encouraged to contact Marcel. If you are an art or furniture collector or investor who desires nonperishables, please remember Marcel's logo - it will be found on all his custom carved pieces and projects.

The most cherished element of Marcel's growing reputation is his ability to work on projects both big and small with budgets that range from modest to presidential, as his work on the Reagan and both Bush Presidential Libraries would attest. Marcel's stone work will last forever. And so will your pride in it.

While most specialized hand carving is done overseas, Mächler provides institutions, museums and residences the benefit of a close working relationship locally. His distinction stems from his attention to detail, timely completion of projects, and custom tailoring his work to the needs of the client.

Often the connection that develops with each client through close cooperation results in a juxtaposition of intent and purpose.

Contemporary "carvings" are often manufactured with modern tools and technology, making it difficult or impossible to give attention to fine detail. Contrary to this, Mächler's skill integrates modern tools with old world hammers and chisels, some of which were smithed by him to character certain pieces and expand artistic possibility. A purist by nature, he works on projects with devotion and accuracy of which only experience can teach.

A native of Stuttgart, Mächler grew up surrounded by the history and intricate stone work inherent to Germany. His early fascination for stone carving proved to be his inclination as he intensively studied human kind's oldest craft. In 1984 he began a three-year dual apprenticeship: He worked with master carver Karl Wenzler and completed theoretical study at the trade school of Freiburg, where he was bestowed with honors from the state of Baden-Würtemberg. To broaden his horizons, he studied for another year with master sculptor Joachim Schöne and eventually relocated to the United States.

Marcel Mächler is now president and lead carver of the company.

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