Marcel Machler

Marcel Mächler is said to be the best German trained stone carver in the field

Completing his 1984 - 1987 apprenticeship with honors as “second” best in the State of Baden-Würtemberg, Marcel Mächler has evolved as the most trusted high quality stone carver in the US since then.  Early on in his career his hand carving 8500 letters at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library paved the way for work at both George Bush Sr. and Jr. Presidential Libraries including Presidential Seal bas reliefs and palladium infilled carved letters.

Specializing only in custom quality stone carvings, his signage projects also included over a dozen Federal Buildings and Courthouses in six states, the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, the Air Force Memorial in Washington, DC and the Virginia State Capitol carvings.  His hand carved signs at colleges can be found at Chapman University, Harvard Medical School, LMU, MIT Sloan, Stanford, SOKA University, Texas A&M, USC, UCLA and many others.  Cultural engravings Marcel Mächler performed range from the Getty Center in LA, the Segerstrom Concert Hall in Orange, to the Kaufman Performing Arts Center in Kansas City and the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville to the Partial Truth carvings for Bruce Nauman and beyond.

Marcel Mächler carves a wide variety of natural and precast stones. Letter styles include but are not limited to V-groove, U-groove, Raised, Raised-recessed, modern, artsy and traditional styles.  Color infills vary from natural to stained and painted. Most commonly used metals are gold and palladium infills.
His strengths are also carving of bas-relief and three-dimensional objects such as seals and sculptures.

Currently his three grown kids live in Arizona, Texas and Germany. He (still) resides in Twin Peaks, CA.

As a long time SEGD member and sponsor, Marcel also received 5 Best Artisan Booth awards.

Volunteer Activities 
Marcel Mächler's volunteer activities are limited the the local community at this time. He is actively helping forest park revitalization projects by creating granite monuments and signage in Lake Arrowhead. He also carved a remembering nine-eleven monument in Crestline.

View more of Marcel's work at Marcel Machler Inc. Connect with Marcel on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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