Marc van Eekeren

Marc van Eekeren is a Partner at DetaiLED Solutions in Atlanta.
Greater Atlanta Area

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Marc van Eekeren is a Partner at DetaiLED Solutions in Atlanta.

Marc van Eekeren has sales and management expertise in all parts of the world (ASIA-PAC, EUROPE, USA).

Marc van Eekeren's specialties include: Business Development, Strategic Planning, Team building, Leadership, Negotiations, Performance Improvement, Change Management, Customer strategies and CRM, Product development, Research, Innovation, Startup business, Technology.

DetaiLED Solutions listens to your way of communicating, listens to your needs and requirements and engages in the project design. A design should not be hampered by the boundaries of technology, but with DetaiLED Solutions the technology is utilized to fit your vision. Technology is there to serve and not the other way. This is what drives DetaiLED Solutions daily. Their knowledge and passion for your work provides convenience and comfort. Their experience allows them to customize solutions for your project.

Every project is different, every design is unique. Therefore, DetaiLED Solutions' work is more than technology, it is also about people. THeir people have been trained to get the most out of available technology; equipment as easy as possible to operate that fits your design and intent. Working together with their carefully selected partner(s), they supply the solution that you want and need, be it 2K, 4K or any other creative format.

Connect with Marc van Eekeren on LinkedIn. See his work at DetaiLED Solutions.

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