Marc Tamschick

: Marc Tamschick is the Founder of TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany

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Marc Tamschick is the Founder and CEO of TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE in Berlin, Germany. He studied Graphic-Design at the Art Academy Stuttgart and Animation / Direction at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. As CEO of the company he is personally involved in all projects and creatively directs all of them, he also manages the financial and legal decisions.

1994 he founded the film production company Mediamutant. 2007 then TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH as an agency for medial scenography, immersive narrative spaces and installations using new technologies.

The relation between architecture and media, information technology and virtual/real space, the artistic discussion with the medium film is the subject of Marc Tamschick's work. TMS explores the possibilities of change and contextualization of spaces and architectures through cinematic spatial installations: space expansion created by moving image.

TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE (TMS) GmbH experiments with and in medial scenography, constantly researching 
for possibilities and strategies how narrative cinematic spaces can become experiences that emotionally touch visitors, create lasting impressions and expand the boundaries of physical and narrative space.

The goal of TMS is to orchestrate traditional and new media tools such 
as film, interaction, kinetics, motion design, sound and space together in order to transform meaning, contents, objects into three-dimensional, accessible, holistic spatial experiences: linear, autoactive, reactive, interactive.

All forms of media production – from computer-animated content to innovative film formats with specially developed technologies, elaborate visual design, programmed interaction and specially designed architecture – are composed into sophisticated and intensive experiential, dramatic experiences.

TMS is also sharing its philosophy and know-how with young students by teachings and guest professorships in different international master programs.

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See Marc Tamschick's work at TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE.

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