Mara Davis

Mara Davis is a Senior Designer at Huie Design in Atlanta

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Mara Davis is a Senior Designer at Huie Design in Atlanta.

Mara Kent Davis joined the Huie Design team in 2006. In her role as a senior designer, Mara  Davis specializes in signage and wayfinding projects. With her intuitive understanding of wayfinding, Mara Davis creates designs that lead patrons seamlessly through any environment.

Trained in graphic design, Mara Davis visualizes the essence of a brand. She is able to process, reinterpret and graphically organize complex data into easily understood communications.

Mara Davis’s work is egoless and open to the ever-changing nature of each multifaceted project, as she tirelessly investigates new materials, lighting techniques and fabrication methods. She embraces the collaborative process where diverse minds working together bring a project to fruition.

At Huie Design, experiential graphic design attracts and connects people to the essence of a place or experience. It’s about weaving diverse ideas and elements into a singularly compelling presence that says, “You are here.”

Early collaboration is the key to designing a dynamic user experience. It’s the collaborative process – where architects, developers, lighting, landscape, and experiential graphic design professionals concept as a team — that creates a compelling, seamless experience.

Mara Davis earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia.

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