Make some Room - Unconscous Bias - Pavani Yalla

Pavani Yalla, Second Story, Experience Design Director, and champion of emotional architecture

As Experience Design Director for Second Story, Pavani oversees the practice of experience design and content strategy across studios in Portland, New York, and Atlanta, where she is based. In addition to leading award-winning projects for both commercial and cultural clients, Pavani spearheads the creation of new methods and tools for the emerging field of XD within physical environments. Whether it’s creating an omni-channel retail experience, designing an interpretive exhibit, or temporarily activating a neighborhood block, Pavani is a fierce believer in the critical role that emotion plays in experience.

Pavani shared insights from a very special project called Make Some Room. This immersive workshop (for the workplace) — puts traditional corporate Learning & Development to shame. The design team tackled a really tough challenge:

How do you make people aware of bias they don’t even think they have? And once that awareness exists, how do you help them transcend that bias?

The result of their design work combines the power of place and story for a truly emotional experience.

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