Madison Smith

Madison Smith
Allen, TX

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Madison Smith is a student at the University of Oklahoma where she is earning a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Visual Communication. She is a lover of all things fashion, logo design and branding. Being from Allen, Texas which is a growing city north of Dallas, Madison had a lot of exposure to good design which inspired her to fall in love with the art. 

Madison Smith is learning collaboration as a design intern at The Buzz Brand. Her favorite aspect of design is being able to not only be creative, but to help companies or brands in the process. One of the most exciting parts of being a designer for her is being able to see a finished product in action, and observing the affects that it has on the business it was used for. 

If Madison Smith were to work at her dream job, it would be either at a company that is involved in the athletic/fitness world, or a hip and urban clothing company. Within either of these businesses she would be the graphics designer for their websites, as well as social media. Working within the fashion world is something she can easily see herself doing, and is what she has set for herself as a career goal.

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