Madhatter Membership Mixer

Thank you to all who were able to join us for our Madhatter Membership Mixer. Design organizations across Denver including SEGD, AIGA, IDSA, ASID, ADCD, AIA, and the Denver Architectural Foundation came together for a very special night of networking and fun!

Appetizers and a specialty "Drink Me" cocktail were provided at the event. There was also a fully costumed Madhatter that helped to stir networking and socializing during the event.

Logos of the design organizations were printed on stickers. Participants were given stickers of the organization they represented and were to give their sticker to the people they met during the night. Stickers were to be collected on a Madhatter Hat you could make at the craft table. People who had the most stickers or the best hats were given prizes at the end of the evening. SEGD member and Chapter Chair Liaison George Lim won a prize for best hat while SEGD member and designer Matthew DeLade of Tangram Design received a prize for the collection of stickers on his hat.

Over 100 people RSVP'd for the event. Although a lovely torrential rainstorm prohibited some from coming, many who RSVP'd were able to make it. We received great feedback from people who attended the event who said they were excited about having this opportunity to network and connect with so many people from the Denver design community. 

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