Mactac's StreetTRAX at Toronto Pride

Mactac's StreetTRAX at Toronto Pride (image: rainbow graphic on street)

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To show its support for Toronto Pride, a month-long Pride celebration that is among the largest in the world, longtime Pride sponsor Toronto-Dominion Bank wanted to install a large, circular rainbow graphic on the ground of the courtyard by its headquarters. TD Bank wanted the chosen graphic to be cost-effective, but it also needed a graphic that would be durable enough to withstand five weeks of heavy foot traffic and outdoor weather conditions.

To achieve these objectives, TD Bank sought the expertise of AIP Media. To complete the project, AIP Media selected Mactac’s StreetTRAX™ Outdoor Floor Graphics (STX1528P), a print-and-apply media that is known for its ability to deliver sharp images while maintaining slip resistance. AIP Media owner, Tony Iacobelli, recommended StreetTRAX because it is textured, which eliminates the need for an overlaminate, resulting in a faster and more cost-effective installation. The finished graphics were created using an HP Latex 360 printer. AIP Media handled printing and installing the graphic and removed the graphic following the celebration.

“StreetTRAX adhered extremely well to the courtyard surface and held up remarkably over five weeks,” Iacobelli said. “We even printed extra panels in case we needed to replace sections of the graphic due to wear, but we never had to use them—even after cleaning the graphic with soap and water.”

StreetTRAX features an aggressive, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds extremely well to flat or slightly rough concrete and asphalt surfaces. It has an outdoor application life of up to two months and is printable with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-cured inkjet printers. Additionally, StreetTRAX meets American National Standards Institute/National Floor Safety Institute standards.

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