Mactac Vinyl Product Used in American Diabetes Association Project

Mactac Vinyl Product Used in American Diabetes Association Project

Signs By Tomorrow located in Rockville, Md. recently found themselves working with another local organization, The American Diabetes Association, to celebrate history. The American Diabetes Association wanted to install a timeline showing their organizational legacy within their brand-new 78,000-square-foot headquarters in Crystal City, Va. 

"The American Diabetes Association wanted to bring a bit of the 'old' to the 'new' when they moved into their new two-floor office space," explained Lori Garber, operations manager and senior graphic designer for SBT. "We were chosen to install a window graphic on a 30-foot-long folding glass partition between their conference room and break room that would depict the organization's history through a visually appealing timeline. We then chose B-Free dusted vinyl bubble-free window film from Mactac, as we have used Mactac products as our go-to standard for years. We knew the dusted vinyl look would work well for this project and Mactac's product was more cost-effective than the brand the architect had initially specified for the project."

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was coordinating the installation, as SBT employees were far from the only contractors working in the space. Various teams had to build the walls, install the glass partition and design the timeline before graphic printing or installation could even begin. Once the time came for the SBT team to spring into action, however, they printed the graphics in-house on their HP L360 printer and easily installed the IMAGin JT5798M BF dusted window film.

"By using Mactac vinyl, we were able to offer our customers a more affordable product, and we were very satisfied with the performance," Garber said. "It looked great! The American Diabetes Association team loved the timeline and feedback was all-around positive."

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