MacLean Salsbery

MacLean Salsbery
New York, NY

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Hello, my name is MacLean and I am a designer living in New York City soon to graduate Parsons School of Design with a degree in Integrated Design. My focus here has been communication design, and the “integrated” part means that we integrate all of our passions into our creative work. This of course is a lot for most of us, and while I took this major to expand my design horizons, I am excited to narrow them down just a bit when entering the workforce. 

That being said, my passions are very cross-functional and that is why I am so drawn to Experiential Graphic Design. I enjoy collaborating and getting my hands into many aspects of a projects process. This can and has included in my experience—marketing, copywriting, sales, interior design, architecture, entrepreneurship, and of course, graphic and communication design. 

Of my design passions and talents, I am super focused and excited about communication. I have created two (and a half) typefaces so far, I am a calligrapher (focusing on oblique styles such as fraktur), And I do a decent amount of writing (mostly bizarre macabre stories in classes or for fun) but also have written grants as well as copy for marketing materials. Words, language art, signage, wayfinding, typesetting, and typography are some of my core interests in design. 

Outside of design, I love to keep myself interested with too many things too. I adore swimming and the water—I seek out being around the ocean, rivers, pools, and can’t pass up getting soaked at a splashpad. I’ve been learning some great new pieces on the piano, and recently picked up an acoustic guitar. I do lots of yoga, but I can’t remember any of the words. I’ve also recently re-enrolled myself in the Big Brother program and am awaiting a potential match! (Community involvement has always been important to be but I haven’t been in the swing of it during the pandemic). Oh, and I also am soon to take a MSF (Motorcycle safety foundation) course.

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