Lyndee Trost

Lyndee Trost, Senior Designer, Dimensional Innovations, Kansas City
Kansas City

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Lyndee Trost is a Senior Designer at Dimensional Innovations in Kansas City.

Dimensional Innovations is an experiential design firm made up of industrial designers, brand strategists, marketing experts, graphic designers, architects, interior designers, content creators, engineers, fabricators, general contractors, technologists, and project managers. Even a few they are still trying to figure out what to call.

That gives Dimensional Innovations clients a unique ability to move from concept to completion with one team. Which relieves them of management headaches and gives them greater cost control. Not to mention a better final product.

Dimensional Innovations have an open mindset that demands that they do whatever it takes to create experiences their partners and their audience haven’t even imagined yet. Interestingly, the future still relies on timeless skills from the past: storytelling, art and craftsmanship. But it’s the way that Dimensional Innovations apply and realize those skills that makes them unique.

Before Joining Dimensional Innovations Lyndee Trost worked for BRR Architecture and Staples as an Art Director and breakthrough Marketing+Design+Technology as a graphic Designer.

Lyndee Trost graduated from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

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