Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee

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Lydia Lee is an interdisciplinary designer who hope to find a career in designing immersive spaces that tell stories and push her to learn new skills. She is a soon-to-be graduate from the University of California Davis with a degree in Design and a minor in Human Development. Lydia wants to focus on combining her knowledge in graphic design and in working with 3D spaces, to create exhibits that speak to its audiences on many different levels. During her time at UC Davis, she has been working with both Unitrans (UC Davis bus system) and UC Davis Student Housing, as a graphic designer, while focusing her coursework on learning different CAD programs (such as Vectorworks and Sketch-Up) and exhibition design. This quarter, she has been with working with her Exhibition design professor, Tim McNeil, on creating 3D visualizations for his upcoming book, The Experience and Exhibition Design Handbook.

Outside of design, Lydia is always day-dreaming about or working on a new craft project. She loves to spend her time doing things such crocheting, reading, sewing, or learning something new.

Volunteer Activities -Director of Agape Dance Team at UC Davis.

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