Luis Zapata

Luis Zapata is an Interaction Designer at Relative Scale in Raleigh-Durham, NC
Raleigh, NC

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Luis Zapata is an Interaction Designer at Relative Scale in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Luis Zapata graduated with a bachelors degree in industrial design from NC State University. He is currently finishing his masters degree in graphic design also at NC State University. Luis Zapata focuses more on user experience in spatial environments, including virtual reality but grounded reality as well. He explores what forms play takes when it comes to design experiences, either it be conveying a science topic or helping a kid have empathy for older siblings.

Luis Zapata loves exploring what new grounds graphic design is tackling as the boundaries of the design disciplines become fuzzier and fuzzier.

Before joining Relative Scale Panoform Louis Zapata worked for Panoform, which was started by Derek Ham, Ph.D., as a way to lower barriers for people, especially kids, looking to create for Virtual Reality. He believed that creators use tools like crayons, markers, pen, pencils, etc to draw on paper. Panoform enabled them to take a picture of their creation and upload it to Panform and have it wrapped around them. Panoform provided equirectangular grids to assist in fixating objects in space, but it could be done with anything. This gave students the opportunity to transform something flat into 360º and to become immersive by transforming their ideas into something spatial and experiential.

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See his work at Relative Scale.

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