Lucy Holmes' Sketchbook

For me, sketching is free thinking…it just becomes a visual stream of thoughts.


Lucy Holmes
Holmes Wood, London

As part of a generation that left college without touching a computer, perhaps I am different… There is a computer on my desk, but I mainly use it for e-mail. My key tools remain a box of pens/pencils and a roll of tracing paper. For me, sketching is free thinking. It doesn’t have to look great, it doesn’t have to be anything, it just becomes a visual stream of thoughts.

I need to see something to know whether it has legs or not. As soon as there is something on the page I can dismiss the thought, roll on to something else or share it with a fellow creative. It is easier to focus on a scribble on a piece of paper than nothing. It always acts as a starting point…. There is nothing worse than having a blank piece of paper in front of me.

In 2012, we took on the redesign of SEGD’s quarterly design magazine, then called segdDESIGN. It was a total redesign and renaming, a fresh new look and perspective for a magazine that was beloved by its community.

The whole structure and rhythm of the “new” eg magazine came from the then-new SEGD logo (designed by Pentagram). Its four blocks, by width and variation in height, were a fantastic starting point to look at page size, page composition and the grid. Once we had that framework, we could read each editorial and play with the structure of the magazine to best express each story.

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