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New York, NY

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Lucien says it best: “I’ve flown planes, I’m a sailor who enjoys overnights with my wife and two sons on Chesapeake Bay, offshore racing, and I’m a good man in a storm.  I enjoy DJ-ing and longboarding in NYC; in the 80’s I taught myself to solve the Rubik’s Cube in under a minute. I’ve been on TV, lived in a school bus on a hippie commune in Tennessee, spent summers in nudist communities, lived on a canal houseboat in Amsterdam, and experimented with numerous hallucinogens. Returning to Burning Man, I led a blind runner in two marathons without training. I was at ground zero on 9/11 and worked underground for weeks following. Raced classic sports cars and super bikes, lived through motorcycle crashes at 100 mph and jumped a car 30 feet into a tree, had multiple surgeries and almost died as a teenager with rusty steel puncturing a lung and scraping my heart, then again in a Brazilian undertow. I can wake board and water ski on one ski, enjoy SCUBA diving with sharks at night and snowboarding. I grew up SOHO with artists in the 60s-70s and still enjoy loft living. Can balance things on my nose, juggle and walk on my hands (not at the same time), don’t sleep much, grew up in a bi-racial and gay family, am a published author and photographer focused on innovative techniques, a producer and creative director owning a successful studio with a staff of up to 20. I was a concert sound engineer/technician, I respect the color grey, stole a car, build electronics, program computer games, do all my own stunts, mentored minorities and women entrepreneurs for decades, enjoy cooking and eating strange foods, love math, puzzles and singing.  I work well with my hands, fix and invent stuff. I’ve been skydiving and hang gliding, was arrested at least once but also promoted, applauded and awarded, I’ve been in a room with 40 dead bodies, avoid formal religions, rock climb, and was a NYC bicycle messenger.

Lucien Harriot's firm includes a smart and friendly group of passionate creatives who stay up late to help entertainment and marketing professionals tell their stories in memorable ways. NYC production studio since 1996 providing animation, design, visual effects and experiential for entertainment and advertising industries. For over 25 years, Lucien Harriot and Mechanism have been designing and producing award winning CGI, VFX and VR/AR for feature films, television shows, commercial advertising, medical education and corporate explainers. The creative studio prides itself in taking the mystery out of the process, working closely with clients through the technical and creative phases, from storyboard to delivery. A fast thinker and problem solver, Lucien Harriot is comfortable leading teams of technical artists and supervising on the sets of feature films. Lucien Harriot's studio continues to push the envelope with innovative new media developing touch-screen and augmented/virtual reality experiences.

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